College Enrollment System Complete Project in java 2019 | Download free source code

College Enrollment System Complete Project in java 2019 | Download free source code

The purpose of the College Enrollment System is to provide software that helps the university administration to record all information related to students and relevant information, such as fees, the exam calendar, etc. It gives us particular data on how a student can enroll in a university, with an ease of use. The system is friend of the user and consumes less time. The data will be saved in the blink of an eye in the database. It also generates clear reports for the necessary user.

Scope: this project is useful to enroll in an online university without paying money to the applications. Detailed information about the university, the student and other data will be provided in this project.


The software that will be produced is in the university enrollment system. There are 2 users. The first user is a user with university authority or the administrator who has the maximum access rights that any other user. He or she has the right to edit, add or delete the master details entered by them. These master details will be visible to the other user, which makes the application useful. The administrator adds information from the university to this software that also provides their contact identification and email. Any prize obtained by the university will also be entered into the database and will be displayed in this software for user reference. The details of the faculty members will also be stored in the database. The cons and pros of the university will be given in detail.

The other user is the student or the one who signs up to enter a university. All he or she should do is visit that link to the particular website. He or she can also see the information of the university on this website. The courses offered by this particular university will be displayed on the course menu along with its fee structure, the number of years to complete a course and the topics offered. After seeing all this information, if the user wishes to enroll in this university, he must first register. To register, you must click on the registration button provided at the top right of the form. The registration form asks for the complete details of the student, including his contact, the information of the parents, the details of the previous batch, etc. It also allows the student to choose their own username and password. Using this username and password, the student can log in to the system. The fee for the particular course can be paid online by card or offline paying directly to the university. Now the registration system is complete. For more details, log in to your website using your user ID and password. This creates your own profile where the administrator will update the details of your next exam or result or any function.

Software modules:

Login: There are 2 different users. The administrator has his own username and password. The other unauthorized user can choose their own username and password during registration.
Teacher: The administrator can only be accessed. The administrator has more rights than the normal user. The data entered in the teachers can also be updated by the administrator.

Registration: Here the normal user can choose his username and password. Then, the student can enter their personal information in the software such as name, dob, gender, nationality, address, contact, previous batch history, brands, etc. They can also edit or delete the details provided.
Personal profile: this profile contains many options, such as the personal profile, where all your personal data will be displayed. Course, where the name of the subjects you need to learn will be displayed. The time table for a particular class will be displayed. The rate structure gives you the information of the rate you had paid so far, along with the amount, date and time. Schedule of exams where the dates of the next exam will be shown. The next functions that will be carried out in the university will be notified to the students and also to the next competitions. If you wish to participate in any of the competitions, you can select the particular competition and register your name.
Prizes: The amount of prizes won by students and the university will be shown.
Members of the faculty: The details of the faculty members of the university will be shown.
Course: The different courses offered by the university will be shown along with the names of the subject they offer and the details of the fee structure.


Students can enroll in an online university instead of waiting in a queue.
Less paperwork
Registration system 24X7.
Easy to use
Less space


Processor: Intel dual core or higher
Processor speed: 0GHZ or higher
RAM: 1 GB of RAM or higher
Hard disk: 25 GB hard drive


Language: Java application
Database: My SQL

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